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More about ADHDSA

ADHDSA is a company created to fill in the gap between the corporate clients industry and the production companies supplying technical, entertainment, decor and catering.
We do this by managing an events project from inception and conception right through to completion, making sure all of the sections of an event come together seamlessly, on time and in budget.

ADHDSA is comprised of a large team of independent contractors and companies that assist each other in the completion of each project ADHDSA undertakes.

ADHDSA has been involved in some of the largest events that have taken place on the South African Soil. From outdoor events that over 750,000 people attended,
to 50 of the most powerful businessmen all solving one issue,
to live screening of the rugby and soccer on large LED walls.


ADHDSA has a team filled with passion for what we do and strive
to be the best at every challenge we undertake.

Simone Dicks

Marketing Manager

Rayne Ramsden



All of the equipment we use is the best in the industry
So that you have piece of mind that you r event will run smoothly.


Phone: +27 736 00 9423                 


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Please send us your ideas, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.